Support for open initiatives at Oxford

As part of our ongoing efforts to build a sustainable future for scholarly publishing, Oxford University has supported the following initiatives.

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DOAJ is a list of more than 15,500 peer-reviewed open access journals covering all disciplines and 80 languages. Journals are listed after a detailed evaluation based on the application from journals or publishers. 

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The Open Library of Humanities (OLH) is a charitable organisation dedicated to publishing open access scholarship with no charges to authors. The OLH publishing platform supports academic journals from across the humanities disciplines, as well as hosting its own multidisciplinary journal.

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Open Library of Humanities Journal

Open Library of Humanities

OSF is a free and open-source project management and research workflow tool that supports researchers throughout their entire project lifecycle. Despite its name, OSF is not discipline specific and integrates with many existing scholarly tools such as Zotero, DataCite and GitHub rather than duplicating services. It is available to all members of the University, via Oxford SSO if they have an ORCID linked to their account.

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Peer Community Journal is a diamond open access journal edited by the non-commercial Peer Community in (PCI) organisation. It publishes articles evaluated and recommended by PCI, without further peer review at no cost for authors and readers. This journal currently covers evolutionary biology, ecology, zoology, neuroscience, palaeontology, animal science, archaeology, genomics, mathematical and computational biology, network science, forest and wood science, biotic interactions, ecotoxicology, and environmental chemistry. It also publishes articles based on registered reports dealing with all physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences and humanities.

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PH published novice-friendly, peer-reviewed tutorials covering a wide range of digital tools, techniques and workflows to facilitate research and teaching.

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SciPost is a non-profit foundation that runs a diamond open access journal infrastructure. It publishes several journals and allows academic teams to use the infrastructure to run their own journal.

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Subscribe to Open is a publisher payment model that uses existing (and ongoing) subscriptions to convert a paywalled journal to open access. Subscribing institutions are asked to maintain their existing subscriptions on the understanding that if enough subscriptions are received, the final content for the journals will be published as open access. If enough subscriptions are not received, the content remains paywalled. 

The Bodleian Libraries supports a number of journals through Subscribe to Open, where we had previous subscriptions to journal titles which offer this model (and titles are not already included in one of our read and publish deals). These include: 

Over 50 titles from Annual Reviews, such as:

  • Annual Review of Cancer Biology
  • Annual Review of Criminology
  • Annual Review of Materials Research
  • Annual Review of Political Science
  • Annual Review of Publish Health

Individual titles from other publishers:

  • Astronomy and Astrophysics (EDP Sciences)
  • Centaurus (Brepois)
  • Environment and Society (Berghahn Books)
  • Nomadic Peoples (The White Horse Press)
  • Religion and Society (Berghahn Books)

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White Rose University Press (WRUP) is a non-profit, open access digital publisher of peer-reviewed academic journals and books, publishing across a wide range of academic disciplines. It is run jointly by the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York but welcomes proposals from across the wider academic community.

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